Friday, May 30, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday.....on Friday!

To see my name in lights.

That's a thought that crossed my mind just now. I began thinking of the invite I recieved from Java Delights today. The New River Poet Society will be at the shop on June 19th. You can bring your own work and have them read it or read it yourself.
It has made me remember a time when I could sit with paper and pen and pour out my inner thoughts in a poetic flair, I would be proud to have anyone read. Now, I sit to write and the words wisp away like a tendrils of smoke off a newly blown-out candle.
What happens to all of those well thought words? Why can you keep a running commentary in your mind while driving down the road or shopping or whatever, but when you want to put them down they are gone?

My sister came down this past weekend. We went to the Superchick concert. Girl 4 It was great!! What of it I got to see. I was so busy trying to keep up with my four teenage girls I brought with me that I missed most of the Superchick performance. It was around 1 in the morning by the time I got home and I ended up with two of the girls with me. Two giggly, tired, boy crazy girls!! Girls Rule All I heard about for the rest of the evening, after leaving the concert was howwwwww cutttteeeee the keyboardist in Hello Revolution was!!! Girl 5 All in all it was worth it! I'm looking forward to going again sometime.

Sunday, we woke up and got all ready for church. Sister needed to get on the road headed home and packed up. I don't know how in the world I managed to get myself, hubby, babyk, two teenage girls and a nine year old up and ready to go by 9 am, but I did. I felt pretty spiffy about myself!!!
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Sometime later the girls and I pulled into the church parking lot and adjusted our seats accordingly to nap. Sleeping My phone rang Telephone , my sis was in Ocala, Fl. and her car had given up the ghost. Ghost I dumped the girls out and took off to get hubby and our mechanic. Mechanic We proceeded to drive to the other side of Ocala. Took us about 1 and a half hours. Got there and our guy said it was the water pump and timing belt. So, we loaded up sis and niece and headed back to Dade city. Road Trip The most wonderful mechanic in the world got a friend from church to go back up there with him and tow the car back so he could fix it. Hubby and I then got into our vehicle and headed to Tampa to see my Goddaughter. By now my rear end is becoming numb.
We arrived in Tampa and took baby K swimming and then went out to eat. By this time Baby K had had enough! Tantrum She wouldn't sit in her seat or eat, or let me do anything. I sat and looked longingly at my steak(just the way I like it, medium rare) and loaded baked potato, my mouth watering. Drooling . Needless to say, I didn't get to eat it. It was time to head back. So, another 1 hour drive for the day, now making it our fifth hour on the road for the day. We were becoming exhausted and it was getting late again. It looked like it would be another night getting to bed late. Current Mood - Wiped Out
This is our third night of less than two, to three hours of sleep. We are now at Monday morning.
From here everything gets kind of hazy, I just kind of begin going with the flow. Sister has to get home because of work and yet her car is not running, so I come up with the bright idea, "why don't I just drive you home and hubby and I can bring your car up this weekend!" Sounds good! So we begin planning.
Call the mechanic and line up to pay for the parts, call mom and see if she wants to come with us so I don't have to ride back by myself, re-pack sisters bags, pack mine and baby's bags. Load car. Go pick up G-G(thats grandma who we had plans to take to eat), pick up mom (and hope she is ready), head to give my hubby lunch, then to the auto store to pay for the parts. We ended up going to the wrong store and had to re-think our schedule. We dropped by walgreens for mom then off to eat. By this time it's noon. If we headed out at this time we would get there probably around 8pm. After eating and going to the correct store to pay for the parts and stopping by my house to drop off food for hubby, then taking G-G home we finally got headed to Ga. around 4pm.
Another long night. We drove, and drove, and drove. Finally we arrived around midnight at my sis's house, where babyk became wide awake!!!
Mom and I arrived at the motel and then spend the next two hours trying to go to sleep with a bouncing, giggling, playful girl in my bed with me. Bouncy 6 This is the fourth night with little sleep. Can it get worse? I hope not because my rope is shredding.
At three a.m. I get up and go get the pack n play(a portable crib for those who don't know) and set it up and throw her in it.( almost literally because at this point I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and her giddiness) Wouldn't you know just as I'm going to sleep and it's coming up on 3:30 a.m. or so I hear banging! Yup, the one place I put her crib and she begins banging on the wall of the person next door. Again, I get up and take care of it. Finally, sleep comes.
We get up Teus. morning, not long after going to sleep and head to breakfast and check out. We begin our journey to Mcrae where my cousin lives. Cousins From here things begin to go a little smoother. We get to Mcrae know I don't even know time or space anymore after this. We are soooooo sleepy. But we arrive in Mcrae and go to get lunch at Southern Star. It has really good food. The people there point us in the direction of a motel and we got and book a room for the evening and get checked in. Again my daughter has reached a crescendo of wildness and is running around the room like a banshee!
We decide to go exploring and go see if our cousin's wife and son are home so babyk will have someone to play with before we end up paying damages for the room!

They weren't home.
Away we go back to town. We stop by a dollar store and get babyk some toys(it's apparent I'm only a 2yr old mom because I didn't think to prepare for these moments) so she would have something to occupy her time with than driving me n mom nuts! By the time we get back my cousin is off from work and comes for a visit and we meet up with my other two cousins(now a total of three cousins) back at the Southern Star for supper. MMmmmm, if you ever find yourself in Mcrae, Ga. you must have supper there. It's good.

After supper and visiting and going to a park to see if we could wear out babyk so she would sleep this night we went back to the motel and did just that. Finally, Sleep. Oh, restful, peaceful, sleep!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Wednsday morning we awake refreshed. At least I did. And we head to breakfast. Mom made plans with some other family members from Hawkensville, Ga. to meet us for lunch. Yes, again, at the Southern Star. We had another great meal and it was so good to see family again that I hadn't seen since I was a teenager. It's too bad gas prices are so high you can't visit more frequently.

The rest of the journey is just driving. Nothing major happened other than babyk finding a toy in Cracker Barrel that she absolutely was obsessed with. Of course I couldn't resist getting it for her. A rubber alligator that has a balloon for a belly. She loved it and still is toting it all over with her even thought the balloon is no longer inflated.

So, we are home now. But gearing up to head out at 6am tomorrow! Pray for us!!

Love to all,

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angeljoy said...

I love your poetic phrase about the candle and word wisping away. That was beautiful.
You've still got it, obviously. I think it just takes practice and if you haven't used it in awhile it gets rusty.
Don't give up.
and thanks for bailing me out.
So glad you and your friends were able to rescue us. There were blessings all over that "bad" experience!