Thursday, May 8, 2008

Girls day out w/no kids....Yeaaaaa!

The lady in the blue bathing suit and blonde hair is our pastor's wife and the dark haired lady is our friend. They knew I have been under some stress and pressure lately so they did a reverse kidnapping. "What is this?", you say. Well, reverse kidnapping is where you tell someone they are going to do something and then they come and pick you up and take you to do it. And on top of me going and picking them up I took them to the YMCA that I have a membership at! Here we are in the locker room getting "lubed" up with sunblock. Out we go to the pool. Lounging and relaxing, soaking up Florida's nice hot rays!
Feeling a little guilty about lazying around they decided to swim some laps for a little exersize.
Here we are! Three happy, relaxed, childless women enjoying our few hours off.
Getting changed to dry clothes and ready to go for some lunch. (you know we have to eat now that we worked it all off), I would have put the picture on here but it wouldn't let me. We went to Sonney's BBQ. MMMmmmm. It was delicious!!!
Drum Roll Please.......

It's what you've all been waiting for!!

Here she is the princess of the pool!!!

My daughter!

Getting ready for the swim and waiting on the teacher.
This is January, our teacher. Water baby is saying hello!
I hope you have all enjoyed spending girls day with us and learning to swim with BabyK! We've enjoyed having you with us.

Now that I can upload pics it may get more interesting on this blog. If I can just get adding links down pat then I will be good to go. There are some great people out there that I want to share with everyone else. I will get it soon. Especially when my sis comes down to go to a concert with me.

Ya'll have a great day!!

May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you.....

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angeljoy said...

Look at you posting photos and text like a pro! Looks good. I'm glad you guys had a good time. How did you ever manage that?! I'm really starting to look forward to our concert.We'll take lots of pics and have a double blog post!