Monday, May 5, 2008

First day of baby's swim class

There was no stopping her! As I clasped her hand in mine, she struggled and wiggled and gave her best attempt to get loose to go jump in!
I don't know who's child I ended up with, but I don't think she's mine! I've never seen a little girl more enthusiastic to be going swimming for the first time as my daughter. I am not fond of water that much. Especially going under. She, however, was rambunctious and eager to get in it.
Upon the teachers instructions we began our decent into the pool. Our skin hot from the sun beating down on it, is now shocked by the drastic coolness of the water. As we came waste deep my girl began to try and get me to let her go. I, of course could not, since she would sink. I held her firmly and soon we were neck deep. Still, she showed no fear, only eagerness to be on her own in the vast "tub" of clear blue. We then learned to blow bubbles in the water. From our mouth. She wasn't very interested in this because she was too busy watching the swimmers in the lanes swimming their laps. In some ways this made it easier for us because she was so willing to lay on her tummy and try kicking her arms and legs. After bubble blowing we then, "move through the water to feel it moving over our bodies", and we learned to spit. Yes, I said spit. If you get water in your mouth you do not attempt to drink it, but you spit. Again, this portion of the lesson evaded her. The teacher said not to worry, she was picking it up subconsciously. We then just moved around the water some more and did some water dancing. We chased some balls around and put them from one basket on one side of the pool to the other side, and all the while we practiced bubble blowing and spitting. Finally we were instructed to move to the edge of the pool where we taught them to climb out of the pool. O.K. Picture this, mommy is in the water and the baby is climbing out of the pool. Yea. Good thing all the moms there had good reflexes because just as I suspected my child was going to run and jump back in with no assistance. I was able to catch her little hand just as she started off. We then put the kids back in the water on the ledge of the pool and told them to "stay". Yup, kind of like a dog. I thought "Sit ubu sit, good dog!" I dutifully told my child to stay, and guess what? She did! And not only did she stay but she invented a game of it by then holding her hand up in the high five position and telling me to stay! It was cute. If I had two more hands I would have been recording it on video. So after the sit stay bit we then give our child a cue to jump in and we catch them. She did that so readily that again I thought to myself, "who's child is this?" Around this time Daddy showed up to watch his baby's first day in swim class. This of course created an ADD moment for the baby and we got a little off track as she began explaining(in her two year old gibberish) to her daddy all that had been occurring in his absence. It was then a water dance/song again, and back to climbing, sitting, staying, and jumping. The teacher then threw a curve ball at us, when the child jumped the next time, we were to allow them to go under and then bring them up onto our chest. No problem. I then found out that baby does not like her head wet. Now, I see she is my daughter after all!

Isaiah 12:3
With great joy, you people will get water from the well of victory.
Isaiah 49:10
They won't go hungry or get thirsty; they won't be bothered by the scorching sun or hot desert winds. I will be merciful while leading them along the streams of water.


hepsmom said...

What a cute story. She is PRECIOUS! How nice to see things in their eyes for the first time.

angeljoy said...

I could picture the whole thing. FUN! I wish momma and daddy could have seen her. I have GOT to get my girl in swimming this year!! GOT TO!

InTheFastLane said...

I am hoping my youngest is good in the water. It took my 8 year old 8 years to get comfortable. What a struggle.