Friday, May 2, 2008


That's the sound I thought of as I watched my daughter giggle because her big purple, bouncy ball hit her in the head! So we continued to BOING the ball off her head until Grammy came out and was ready to let me take her to run errands. She had a BALL!!!! I know I kill me.

I took a Zumba class today at the Y. I started off well because I already have the background in latin ballroom. Let me just tell you, it started off well until about 30 minutes in and I became a bit winded, to say the least. We were facing a huge mirrorred wall and I began to notice how red my face and upper body was. I thought it best to begin high-stepping in place and cool down a bit. I did manage to keep moving for the whole hour. Yea, me.

I am having a great time going to and working out three times a week so far. It's really nice that they have a nursery because I don't have to chase her around. I didn't do so well trying to work-out with the t.v. at home. I kept stepping on little toes and tripping over a little body trying her best to do the same thing I was doing! Although that was inspiring to me because I want her to learn to take care of her body with exercise it was not helping me because I wasn't able to really get into it for fear I would break one of her bones.

Yesterday evening my parents took me out for my birthday. Our all time favorite, Texas Cattle Company in Lakeland. You've got to go when your in the area. They are the connoisseur of steaks. So delectable that asking for steak sauce is an insult to the chef. (yes, I learned that the hard way) Our waiter Michael was awesome. He anticipated every need and made the dining experience superb.

It's off to bed with me. May you all be blessed.

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hepsmom said...

You are SO not a crazy! To be a crazy, you have to think you're NOT a crazy. Haven't you seen this phenomenon in action?