Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Picking peas and Fennel seed tea

You should be so proud of me!!! Guess what I'm drinking? Drinking Red Wine No, it's not wine. I made fennel seed tea! I'm so proud of myself. I'm beginning a healthy eating routine from Gillian Mckeith off of BBC America. Her show is called "You are what you eat". I've been watching for awhile and kept hoping to get some recipes but never had any paper when they finally put one on there. So, I signed up for her online membership to create a dietary profile.
I went grocery shopping for the first time today and bought buckwheat flour, pumpkin seeds, sesame seed sticks, raw almonds, and some all natural granola pistachio pineapple bars from my health food/deli store in Zhills. It's called The Secret Garden. I then went to SweetBay with my grocery list from my profile and bought all natural brown grain rice, sardines, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and chicken breasts. Also on my list was fruits and green leafy veggies. I included some whole wheat pasta with flax seed and whole grain oat bran cereal. The all natural kind not the manufactured or processed. I'm so proud of myself. I then stopped by the fruit and veggie stand on the way home and bought bananas, apples, peaches, canalope, tomatos and sweet potatoes. When I got home I made parmesan shrimp with whole wheat pasta and boiled some frozen squash. It was actually very good. I wasn't expecting it to taste good. I guess recipes to make healthy foods have changed a lot over the years. The combination of herbs and spices work wonders! I'm going to try and make a fruit smoothie tomorrow. Only using fruits and no additives. I hope it taste as good as it sounds!!

I've been at my step mother n laws this evening picking black eyed peas. I have to shell them tomorrow. I'm thinking we are having black eyes for dinner tomorrow evening, and maybe even the next evening. It's not an easy job let me tell you.

Well, love ya'll bunches.
Have a blessed night!

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angeljoy said...

It'll take more effort to eat right, but you will feel so much cleaner inside and just better!
That dinner sounded good.
Fennel seed tea? Hmmm.