Friday, May 16, 2008

Liki Tiki Water Park Playground

The first thing we come to on our leisurely stroll to the water park is this sight. This is the sun worshipers sanctuary. It looked so inviting, but you can't stop to enjoy it with two kids and a hubby!
Welcome to Liki Tiki Village Water park!
Across the canal sit the bumper boats and paddle boats. We will be making use of them tomorrow, I think we have had our fill today.

And away we....
Hear me talk!

Can you believe it? BabyK is swimming by herself!! This water is 3.5 ft deep. She isn't able to touch the bottom. She did her best to swim in every place that Shell (goddaughter) went.

After the swimming, sliding, dunking, and splashing we decided to grab a bite to eat and get tattoos.

This is Shipwreck Sally's. We had a bite of lunch and the rest of us got tattooed

No, the tat's aren't real. They have a non-toxic paint they use which will wash off with baby oil. It is waterproof though after 45 min. We had a blast picking out our ink and getting it done. All of us but BabyK. She didn't like the way it felt, I guess.
From here, we were all so exhausted we decide to come back to the apt. and get some rest. I've never seen exhaustion until I looked into my daughters eyes after 2 hours of playing in the pool and all the activities we did in that length of time. She was so tired she could hardly hold her eyes open. Literally. I've NEVER seen her act like that.
We came back here and she fell asleep within 5 minutes. I was tired but couldn't fall asleep.
After uploading these pics I went and got a bath. Oh, that was euphoric!
Love Panting
Hear me talk!
The warm water and the water jets blasting. Embarrassing Bubbles I feel so relaxed now. Drinking Red Wine
Now, we are discussing whether we want to go explore and see what kind of eating establishments there are, (heaven knows there are options beyond our imagination,and all of them themed) or stay in and rent some movies from the Clubhouse. I'll let ya know!!


angeljoy said...

I'm glad ya'll are having fun. I'm enjoying coming and seeing what you are up to.
You so had me with the tats until I saw babyK.
It looks real 'dough

Brian said...

Stayed there June 14 to 21st 2008.

Sucked so bad.

Pool water tasted like sweat. Couldn't get towels.
Resort pays no attention to detail. What a bad experience. Will not be staying there ever again.

Brian B