Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going on a Trip.

In my favorite rocket ship...soaring through the skyyyy....little einsteins. (for those of us who are mothers out there you will have appreciated that)

O.k. on with the news. We are taking a mini vacation.WooHoo We are going to a resort in Orlando called Liki Tiki Village (go check it out). I'm kind of excited and trepidicious all at the same time. On one hand I'm looking forward to getting out of this town for a little bit and seeing some new sights. But on the other hand I will have a 2 year old and a 7 year old with us.(our goddaughter is joining us) Mom And Kids The last time I went somewhere with my daughter was my birthday train trip to see Hippychick(look at me linking away) in Jawja(That's Georgia for those who cant read in Southern accent/slang). It was quite the adventure. I've learned one thing. If your clasterphopbic you definitley need a bedroom size car not a roomette. The roomettes are awesome mind you, what with the inventive ways they cram two seats, two beds, a garmet and luggage area, annnndddd a bathroom, it's amazing. However, if your a very private person it can be a bit of a struggle trying to use the bathroom in that tiny space, picture trying to keep from sitting on the toilet, and holding the curtains shut because there are gaps the size of the grand canyon in the curtains. And with whatever hand you have left trying to wipe and keep a child from falling head first off the bed and busting her head open. Yea, it's tight quarters.
You almost feel like a science lab experiment being held for observation because everyone who walks past (if the curtains aren't closed w/out any peep holes) looks in and smiles through the wall of glass you sit behind. All in all I loved it. Even with a baby. Wow. Greatest Mom
Walking on a train is a sight to behold as well. I don't know if any of you have had the pleasure. Let's just say consuming alcoholic beverages might be a good idea
Drunk Birthday Wishes
Hear me talk!
,because you will either not notice the swaying of the train as much, or you won't care about it. If you decide to stay sober be advised if you go anywhere on the train while it's moving you will appear inebriated. And again, while holding a baby.
So, we are going on this trip. However, we are not taking a train, we will be riding in our SUV.(it gets more gas mileage than the 85 dodge pkup). It's only about an hour from where we live so we don't have to stress about time. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm hoping we don't get there and it turns out to be nasty. Kicking Dirt I mean come on, for $69 a night, a one bedroom, one bath condo, complete with kitchen, washer/dryer, and the kitchen is fully stocked with what you need to cook and eat? The pics look great and I've even been on the resort property and it looks impressive. However, I've never been in one of the condos. Will it be clean? Or are we going to have to walk in and start washing dishes from the last guests who stayed there?
Oh My Gosh - No Way!
Hear me talk!
Of course, I will keep you posted. If they have wireless there then I will post you from the room, or pool In The Pool , or wherever!

2 Corinthians 5:7
For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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angeljoy said...

fun, fun!
Are they going to try to sell you a condo?