Friday, May 16, 2008

Here We Are !!!!

We are getting ready to leave and all loaded up in the truck. We left around 7pm. I wanted to leave earlier than that in case of any unforseen problems. But hey, with two kids I think getting going at 7 was pretty good. And this is the kitchen of the condo. I worried needlessly about what it would be like. It has exceeded our expectations. We truly feel like we are in a resort. It's beautiful here.
I So RockI can't believe I found such a great deal! I know it had to be God looking out for us because usually when I try and plan something special like this it usually blows up in my face. The bedroom boasts a flatscreen t.v. with cable, a queen size bed and it is attached to the huge bathroom which has a washer and dryer in it just like the brochure says. Mike and I are enjoying it so much, Couples even with kids. It's hard sometimes to make him happy because he is such a worry wart.
Scared 2 This is the view from our balcony! Isn't it great! If you look closely at the horizon you will see a hot air balloon. We got to watch them this morning after we woke up from our rest.
Bubble Bath Oh and the tub even has a jacuzzi in it. We were told it wouldn't have because we got the standard room, but it does!!! I haven't gotten to try it out yet though. We still have a day and a half. Maybe I will get to!

Well, the kids are getting restless and BabyK won't take a nap so I think we are headed to the park for some.... Beach and, Picnic and maybe a little, Tanny .

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