Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do I want to be a travel agent? A referral specialist for Melaleuca (not going so well), a blogger and get paid for it, a vitamin salesperson? There are just so many choices! Unfortunately all of them require you spend nearly more money than you are promised to make. I am so over it all ready. The legitimate home jobs are all so "impossible" to get into and the ones that are easy are all scams or require you to do hard selling, even though they say you don't have to. Well, there sure are a lot of liars out there!

I'm going on a photo shoot on Sunday. I'm going to be assisting the photographer. That is my "part-time" job for now. It is flexible enough that I don't have to get a daycare provider for BabyK. Usually Hubby is home on the days that people schedule for photographs or weddings and stuff. Now, if business would just pick up so I can start making some money at it! That would be great.

I guess I'm not exercising good faith if I'm worried all the time about working when I know God wants me to be a stay at home mom. It is hard to have faith when you are looking at the bills and they out number the amount of income! That's why I'm getting so desperate for a job of some type that will bring in just a little extra money to help out.

The weather here has been wonderful! I love rainy weather. I'm sitting here lounging on my love seat gazing out the window through the trees at the hazy sky. I love how green the tree leaves look against the darkness of the clouds behind them. The darker the clouds the more beautiful the green. My favorite part is when the thunder comes rolling in and then the rain starts falling. The steady sound makes my eyes so heavy and I just want to close them and disappear into a fairy land under the mushrooms growing in the backyard. I used to imagine there were fairies living under the mushrooms and that they were like little houses because they all grew together to make it look like a village. They were all busy gathering little fruits and veggies and twigs because they would mix together recipes to make their fairy dust that they would sprinkle on us while we were sleeping to give us happy thoughts. No, I'm not on any pain medication! I just like thinking back on stuff that I imagined as a child. Sometimes, I think people would be better off to think as children once-in-awhile. It gives them a little taste of the innocence they lost as they entered adulthood.
I also used to love to take a little lamp in the living room coat closet and hide in there and pretend that I was going to go into the land of Narnia from the book The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It never worked for me though. But, I had a great time in that closet playing with my dolls and pretending to be whatever I felt like at the time. As sad as it is, I remember hiding in there pretending to be Anne Frank from The Diary of Anne Frank. I think she still remains one of my few hero's I don't have many because people are just people. Some of them go through extraordinary circumstances in which God gives them the grace and comfort and care they need to get through them. Many of them don't even want to recognize God's gracious hand in it and either blame Him or just give him no credit at all.

Well, back to the land of NOW, I've got to go conquer a load of laundry and dishes.
Love to all,

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angeljoy said...

I never knew that about you and the closet! I've always loved to escape in books.
I regularly visit my childhood. I especially loved it when we lived at the old house. I remember our bedroom and playing with the sunshine family and looking at all the disney encyclopedias. Remember those? I loved climbing on those hay bales in the pasture and playing in that ginormous sand pile. We had good imaginations, didn't we? I'm trying to make sure my girl gets lots of pretend play time. I don't care if she never watches tv.