Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day Off

I decided to try and take a day off. I'm still finding myself working though. I just have so much fun! It's amazing to see how everything works.
Kea has been doing great today. She has taken a really long nap. It's given me the opportunity to wash some clothes and clean up the kitchen. Not that I can't do that when she is awake, it's just a little more difficult because she likes to cuddle and play with me. We have so much fun playing. She has a book that has nothing but pages and pages of pictures of different things and it has the word below the picture of what it is. Everyday it seems like she knows more and more of those words and the pics that go with them.
Poor Mike is working even harder these days. They have fired two of his co-workers leaving only Mike and his boss. It causes them to have to cover the long hours that they previously had split up while the other two were working. In addition to working 6 days a week 10 hours a day, he has gone to my parents house and done yardwork and fixed their dryer. I have the best man in the world! God has blessed us so abundantly!
I'm hearing Kea stirring around so I'm going to say hello for now(you know, the commercial?) Anyway! Love to all who read this!

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