Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stranger Danger? Not in my vocabulary!

So, we are on our way to church this morning and we drive by Able Body, which is a day labor facility. We notice a guy laying in front of the building with his head on a skate board. He appeared to be sleeping. Hubby passed him by and we discussed him and his situation. I suggested we go back and pick him up. So, we did. I try and imagine it from his view as he is laying there on the ground sleeping peacefully. (not sure how to do that with a skateboard for a pillow, but...) He opens his eyes to stare me in the face as I'm bending over him asking him if he is OK. I don't even think he was awake enough to realize what I was saying or what he was doing until after he was in the back of our pickup and on his way down the road. All I could get across to him was there would be air conditioning and food and if he wanted to go back to sleep he could. I just couldn't leave him laying there in that hot sun knowing the day labor place wouldn't open until tomorrow. So, he spent the day with us at church. The preacher took over when it was time for us to leave. He ministered to him and tried to see what else could be done for him. Gave him some pointers and places he could get a job. I don't know where he is now but I certanly hope he isn't sleeping on the front side walk of the day labor place. I've mentioned to hubby about going to see if he went back there since it's only a few blocks from our home. I just keep thinking, "isn't this what Jesus called us to do while we are down here?"
Just to ease everyone's mind, I do not take on these adventures without my hubby's assistance, unless it is clearly what God is telling me to do. I mean CLEARLY. Sometimes you just know.

Yea, the candy thing isn't gonna work. I'll just leave it at that. For many, many reasons. And many thanks to the input from valuable friends. Just a brainstorm I guess. My brain is just getting to the point of desperation from trying to find something, anything I can do at home to be more productive.

Tomorrow I get to clean house, run errands, Oh yea! The truck's fixed! There's no gas in it and not really any money left in the budget for gas right now. But, the truck's fixed!! I've gotta go to my moms house and vacuum. Oh, and find out why in the world YMCA is still taking money from our account when we paid them off already for the whole year.

OK, Good Night!

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angeljoy said...

go girl! Be the Light!