Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new job!

I've started a new job. It's a work at home business with AmeriPlan®, I am a Benefits and Training Specialist. This means I sign people up for health programs offered through AmeriPlan®. It's so cool. You put the ads out there and people call you to sign up for benefits! I'm having so much fun and I get to meet so many new people. I've learned so much in my training and I've even learned things about myself that I didn't know. Kea is taking it all with a grain of salt. She will come and sit up at the work area in our home and draw on the paper and bring her little miniature laptop and pretend she is "working". It has been such a blessing to be able to help hubby out and still watch her grow and learn on a daily basis. I'm not having to miss out on any of those one-time moments that some working moms end up missing by having to work out of the home. If you want to know more then check out my websites and

BabyK is doing great! Her vocabulary seems to grow each day. New words pop up and I'm forever having to figure out what they mean or what she is using them for! It's amazing how she is putting sentences together now. Her daddy was leaving for work yesterday and she went tearing down the hallway yelling," Dahyee, dahyee! I LUB U!" I went to work calling everyone trying to tell them. It was so cute!

Since I've been working it seems like I've been able to keep up with the housecleaning better. I think it's the better management of time that helps me. I've set aside certain hours to work on the business and then I schedule the housecleaning into the other time. I also have a reason to stay home now. Before I began working everyone assumed I could just drop whatever I was doing and run them places or go somewhere, because hey, a stay at home mom has plenty of time on their hands. All we do is sit around and watch soap operas and eat bon-bons! Right?

Well, it's 11:30 pm and I'm getting sleepy. I wish everyone who reads this the very best and pray you will be blessed beyond what you can handle!

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angeljoy said...

Well, at least now, you may be able to afford your bon bons! You can eat them while you work!