Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on life

Things are going great. Staying very busy. This past week and weekend has been overwhelming!

The Lord is blessing us with groceries, nearly more than we can consume! I have a package of ribs in my fridge that I have got to cook today because they've been in there for a day or two now. I don't want to have to throw them out.

Kea is handling all this busy-ness in stride. I haven't noticed any adverse reactions to me having worked two eight hour days.

I'm loving working in a coffee shop. This past week I worked the two eight hour days and then got back up again at 6 a.m. and worked my two hour day. It was three days in a row of having to get up and go to work and it gave me a taste of what it would be like to have a full-time job again. I didn't relish the idea. I hated leaving the baby with someone else to be taken care of. And I was having reservations with some of the decisions the care taker was making concerning her. The home life is different in that family and a little more, well, "aggressive" I guess. They communicate a bit differently in certain situations than hubby and I like to communicate. We don't permit screaming and yelling in anger and such. The care taker's family is a little more lenient in expressing themselves in a heated situation. That always makes me a bit nervous. It has assured me we have made the right choice in keeping kea at home and trying to be a stay at home mom. As much as I love the coffee shop and enjoy the work there, I will not be working any more hours than I have to.

Business is a bit slow. I haven't been able to put much effort into it and that is making it pretty hard to grow my business. You definitely have to be able to put time into it. I'm hoping to get a better organized plan working so I can manage my time better and include time for everything that needs to be done in our lives. I tried contacting a professional organizer. No one returned my call and when I attempted to send an email it was returned saying the mailbox was full. Guess I'll have to do my own research and figure it out by myself. Not something I'm very good at since it seems to be getting worse every day. The clutter and distraction is overwhelming!

Well, I better get back to posting ads. And coming up with some strategies for marketing. Hope all is well with everyone!