Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Coffee Mug

This is the perfect Day to be in The Coffee Mug.

The sky is grey.
It's drizzling rain.
The freshly laid blacktop is gleaming with colors bleeding together from the reflection of the buildings across the street. Melting together like colors in a watercolor painting.

Cuddled into a booth with a favorite cup of Banana Foster Cappuccino.

Cozy .



Life is good. No worries. No stress.

Just quiet reflection.

Painting pictures in my mind of dreamy, far away places.
Imagining and spinning romantic stories of a couple sitting in the corner with heads together over a steaming latt'e.

Just Bea-ing..........Happy
In love
With my Coffee Mug


angeljoy said...

thumbs up!
I'm right there with you.

angeljoy said...

forgot to tell you that I left some blog love on my page for you today.