Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm addicted again. In spite of the acid reflux it produces. Who can work in a Coffee shop cafe and NOT drink coffee.
Not me.

I love the smell and I'm having to learn how to mix the coffee drinks and smoothies. I can't help but drink it. I have to practice and we can't just throw it out after I've made it!
That would be a travesty!

The work is very simple. Stock the fridge for the day with items needed to make the sandwiches and salads and such, and put the dishes away. I only work two hours in the morning about two days a week. And then 4 hours in the evening one day a week so far. As I become better at it I will gain more hours. I will not be full-time though. I don't want to lose the "stay at home mom" status. But, God has blessed us with this job and it's perfect and just what we needed for our lifestyle at this time.

I just want to say I love ya sis. I know you are probably the only one who really reads this. Occasionally I hear from Struggles of a Teacher person and that is always a blessing. But, I have been thinking about you today sister. I don't know why but I'm missing you really bad. I wish we lived closer. I miss sharing things with you and being close to you. I miss cuddling together on the couch and drinking coffee and reading magazines. I dream of one day being together and painting things together. Picture type things. Mosaics. Sewing and sipping and dreaming. Going to Islands and staying at remote inns on a picture perfect beach. Lazing around in hammocks with the breeze rocking us and caressing our tanned skin.

All right. I've gotta go. It's gettin' late and hubby doesn't like it when I'm on here too much. Love you bunches. All of you who read this!

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angeljoy said...

ahhhh coffee.
Can't wait to come visit and hang out at the coffee shop with you.
WooHoo! My favorite coffee buddy is back!!!
I miss you too.