Friday, August 1, 2008

Praising God for His Grace!

When I get rich from this business one of my goals is to hire a professional organizer. I've come to the realization I'm never going to be able to do it. I can't seem to figure out where to put everything. And I don't have the money or innovative insight to be able to buy the neccassary tools needed to become organized. So, I shuffle everything around, can never find what I'm looking for because I've put it somewhere where I could find it to just not be able to find it. Yea, I need an organizer. Wonder where I would find one of those? Can I just look in the yellow pages?
Oh! I've gotta tell you the biggest blessing that happened to us tonight. Another big clue that God does exist for those who doubt it. Mike came home and we decided to go to The Coffee Mug ,where I work part time, and get supper there so I could practice on preparing the drinks and stuff. On the way out I happened to notice an envelope from a mortgage company I had layed up on the bar to shred since I thought it was just another spam letter from some company wanting to get us to mortgage a house we don't have. I opened it just because. It was a check for $2,031.00!!!! Turns out I had a Ginnie Mae account with unclaimed funds in it and they tracked me down and sent them to us! Praise God. I stood there and cried because we needed money so badly. So, we went to eat and I went to pay for the food and my card wouldn't work. It declined it. I was astounded because Michael had just been paid and we have direct deposit. I told the girl I was gonna go to the bank and get the money and bring it back. I figured that Mike's job just didn't get the deposit in yet or something like that. I went ahead and went to the bank and before I put the $2,031. check in I checked the balance and it said we were -$230.60! Hmmm, I deposited the BIG check and withdrew $100 to pay the bill at the shop and get some gas. After we got some milk for the baby and a few things to tide us over till our $119. food stamps kicks in on the 3rd. This is where the blessing comes in to play! I got online and checked out our checking account history to see if Mike's check had even hit the bank yet. It had and the negative was AFTER his check was deposited! Without that "suprise" check from GM we would still be negative and not be able to pay rent, get food, gas, or pay the other bills that were coming in. I'm still not quite sure how we became that negative other than we were paying bills and we just aren't bringing in enough to cover them all. It's obvious God knew what was going to happen and we were clueless and it's so amazing to see how God works!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still in awe of this. It happens to me quite often. Not neccassarily involving money but the money is the most obvious that happens. The other blessings and unexplainable incidents like this that I KNOW are from God is involving the baby. I've seen things happen where she should be in the hospital or really hurt badly and there won't be a mark on her! I am just praising God almighty for being so good to us even when we don't deserve it and I want to give HIM a shout out!
PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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