Friday, August 22, 2008

Trees say hello

This is a memory I wanted to hold onto so I figured I better write about it and maybe it would stick.
Kea has never seen strong, gusy winds before. So, as we walked out to the truck yesterday to begin our errands, Kea began staring up into the trees. She studied them in wonderment for a moment and then began waving to them. I looked up to see who or what she was waving to and this thought crossed my mind. With the wind blowing the branches of the trees it caused the smaller branches and leaves to wave around giving the appearrance that the trees were waving in a manner of greeting. I thought it was so precious to see my childs innocent face peering up into the tree tops and her little hand waving back to the trees as they told her hello!

1 comment:

angeljoy said... sweet. I love how our children stop us in our tracks with their innocence.