Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Day

Things finally seem to be slowing down. I think it may partly be due to the fact that my truck is broken down. The starter went out. We just picked up the contact kit for it and our mechanic is going to try and have it fixed by tonight or tomorrow.
We are going to a dinner show Friday the 4th of July. That is if the truck is fixed. The show is called Arabian Nights. I upgraded the tickets to VIP so that BabyK will be able to meet the performers and the horses. She's gonna be able to sit on the horses and pet them. We also get free drinks in the VIP lounge. We got our original tickets for free by attending a time share presentation. It wasn't too bad. This particular place didn't do any high pressure selling and especially not, once we informed them of our monthly income. I'm excited to be going.
I'm sitting here watching a show on HGTV. Nothing big, just a $22,000 bathroom makeover. Looking at it, it looks kind of plain. I'm not seeing where they spent that much money. All they did was tear everything out and stick a window in and then stick a pair of double doors on and throw a few "accessories" in it. Then Design on a Dime comes on and for $1000 they take a bedroom and make it look like they spent $22,000 on it. That amazes me.
So, my diet isn't going as well as it was. Not having a truck makes it hard to get to he produce stand and grocery. I really wish they would but a small grocery store down town here within walking distance to us. We would be set then. I get my home cleaning products and snack foods and vitamins and all that from Melaleuca and they are delivered to me, if we just had grocery foods more easily accessible then I would be set. Our Church is within walking distance, Post office, Library, Water dept., all of our other needs are in walking distance, we just need a grocery. We do kind of have one. Tin Can Pams, but I don't think it has fresh fruits and veggies. I know they have meats and frozen foods, I guess I could make due with that. But I need fruits and fresh veggies! The farmer's market was going on every Saturday but we haven't seen it lately.
I'm trying to find something I can do at home. What do y'all think of starting my own homemade candy business? You know, make homemade candy and sell it. Or deliver it. Or make homemade candy care packages, or gift baskets. Maybe making some theme baskets and delivering them?
I don't know. I really need something to do at home that will bring in some type of revenue that doesn't require me having to beg people to sign up or buy. I guess this idea still requires that, but who doesn't want candy? Especially homemade candy!! I'll have to research it more. I don't know that I have the items needed to even make the candy.
Well, BabyK is waking up and I have housework that needs to be done. I love doing housework now that I have this stuff that works. I can't believe how good it is !


angeljoy said...

Homemade candy =tasting homemade candy.
I'd be sunk.

hepsmom said...

I hate to be a big ball of negativity, but sometimes those things are difficult. Keeping your money separate from "the business'", you know. Also, it'd be there all the time, which is good and bad. I would love to work from home, unfortunately my end of the educational system hasn't forayed into the distance learning deal as much as I'd like.

Also, it's almost as if you need to have a passion for something that people already tell you you're good at. That's how most people I know have gone into business. Making candy may be fun on a small scale, but how would it be on a larger scale, for others who expect their money's worth.
But good luck, whatever you decide!