Monday, June 23, 2008


Will it ever stop being busy!!!! Stop The Madness

Today is the first day I've gotten to sit down and write in here! I know no one really reads this but my sis, however I still would like to give her something.

Alot has happened. Hope it won't take up half the night for you to read it!

Let's see, we had BabyK's party. We hired a photographer and would you believe she only took 35 pics!!! The majority of them were close ups of baby K.... o.k. I'm good with having pics of my beautiful daughter, but when she asked me what types of pics I would like to have I told her group photos and pics of babyk interacting with family members. She didn't even get a pic of my own mother or hubby's mother!!!!!! Ugh, what the heck did I hire her for. So, we aren't paying her full price. We are giving her 20 bucks and that's it. She was there for 3 hours and only took 35 pics, for pity sakes! I could do better than that!!! Especially when I specifically told you what pics to take!!! Let me clarify this also, this girl is a trainee, she is graduating photography school this year and was working as an assistant to a professional photographer I'm good friends with. The owner of the photography business allowed her to come take pics at this party to give her more training hours and because she thought she was good. She is consistently proving that she is dependable, she did a wedding for the pro photographer and impressed her with her work, but since then the pro says that she is beginning to find some discrepancies. Although she has the book knowledge and learned in the skills of photography, she has no hands on experience and it shows. She doesn't listen to customers wants and she hasn't grasped the concept of over-exposure and under-exposure situations and what to do to keep from having over-exposure outside. Anyway, here a the pics from her that are worth paying for.
/////O.k. maybe not. My add photo icon isn't working!! Ugh, ok I guess I'll try later.

So, we had babyk's party, I think it was great because it was low stress. I just bought some creme cakes in three flavors and told everyone to meet up at Mcdonalds. The family came and we had a good time. It was pleasant.

I got up enough guts to tell our friend that I couldnt' keep their daughter for three days every other week. Of course their were slight reprecussions from his ex. She's angry at me because my friend told her I said I wouldn't do it because the girl was too much too handle. I had to set him straight because that's not what I said. Ugh, I can't stand when you tell people know and tell them the reason and they go and put words in your mouth. I basically said Oh well, I'm not out to make your ex happy, sorry. My life is way to hectic to try and keep people's kids. I don't mind helping out occasionally, but I can't do it on a set or full time schedule. I'm not capable.

I'm in training to become a photographer and manage About Face Photography. I'm also on a couple of people's call list to assist in setting up for weddings and special events. It's not going to pay millions but at least it's flexible enough for me to be able to find a babysitter or for hubby to keep babyk and I can make good money in just a few hours. I've tried all these stupid online jobs and business's and they are all a crock of applesauce!!! I'm so sick of scams and misrepresentations. What a waste of time.

Ok, well my add image icon still isn't working, I'll have to try a different way or something. Hubby is home so I gotta get supper going.

Much love to all!!!

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angeljoy said...

I'm so skeptical of the make money fast deals. Even the ones where you buy in and are "sponsored" and then tell people who buy or you sponsor. Blech.