Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Life

Still staying pretty busy. Yesterday I did a water aerobics class. I'm sore. In a good way. I was going to try and go again tomorrow but we just don't have money for the gas it takes to go there. I'll keep you updated. I know you will be on the edge of your seat waiting!

We went and met hubby's mom for "dinner" at a local ice cream parlor that's been around since hector was a pup. She got hubby a birthday cake and BabyK dug into it. She had a piece of the cake sitting in front of her and instead of picking it up she jammed her face down into it and tried to eat it with no hands! Go figure, the one time I don't bring the blasted camera! I'm discouraged with this camera anyway because it's a camera/digital recorder. The camera only seems to like to take "good" pics outside.

I'm getting excited about training for photography. I "assisted" on a photo shoot at a high school reunion this past weekend. It wasn't very productive because the crowd seemed to have no interest in "capturing their reunion memories". The next night was spent shooting random photos at a Benefit function in a local bar. Now, I wouldn't normally condone hanging out in a bar on a Sunday evening, you really should either be in church or with your family. However, when it comes to raising money for a much needed cause then I suppose I can make exceptions. It was humorous to me, however, that I found myself walking from my home to the bar carrying an open umbrella to hide myself when cars passed by. I wasn't too out of place because it was storming just a few minutes before. Heaven forbid though that someone from my church passing by on their way home should somehow manage to see me! Imagine, in this small town the talk!
As for training, well, I've only been on these two events. So far, I love it! I know it will be no walk in the park. The owner is going to begin working with me more one on one. I believe God is opening doors to help me be able to bring in a supplement to our income to take some of the pressure off of Hubby. I feel like I've been through every "work at home" scam and gig there is out there. They all promise to help you "work at home" but they never seem to give you the right solution or you end up going in circles. I did find one. Called ChaCha Guide. It was legitimate, but then I failed the stupid testing. Guess I lost my knack for research. It was a timed test and I think that's what killed it for me. I couldn't beat the time. I cried. I was so psyched about getting a real stay at home job and I blew it by not being relaxed and focused. (sigh) Oh well. Anyway, they say when God shuts one door He opens another eventually. It's all in His time.

Love to all!

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