Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think I found my calling in Christ

Check out my myspace page....

I've always wondered how in the world I was going to "spread the gospel to every nation..." when I barely leave my home during the day.

Well, it started by creating a myspace page for our church.

I must admit I'm a little "shy" when it comes to "spreading the gospel". I know I should not be, but I HATE confrontations and those are usually the result of witnessing. That, or questions being hurled at you that have no relation to the current conversation. They are just distractions, which I happen to be easily overcome by.

So, I began posting devotionals on the church's blog in myspace. I then began posting them on my own myspace in the bulletin section but heading them with catchy little phrases so people would open them. This was directly from God though because this morning the thought crossed my mind, I wonder how many people are going to catch on and quit opening my bulletins? The answer was, "When I don't want you to send them anymore I'll stop giving you the catchy titles." Hmph. O.k.

This morning another bulletin/devotional went out and I contintued to pray that God would work through me on myspace.

I then , out of blue mind you, did a search on "Plan of salvation", the results I got were from Chick Publications(they put out gospel tracks) I felt the Holy Spirit moving and thought, "Well, we put all kind of pics and clip art and quirky sayings on our pages, why can't I put this on there?" So I did.

My myspace now has the plan of salvation on it. Thank you Lord for indwelling in me and giving me the inspiration to reach out to millions for YOU!

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angeljoy said...

good thought, hubby is a member of which is an online community which promotes discussion through questions. The questions can be pretty much about anything. There are also groups that have been started. He has been sharing Christ through that.