Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Words More Precious Than These.

After a busy evening at church, our small family of three came home and turned up the tunes. 97.5 country, who, on Sunday evenings plays the old, old, country music. (here I tried to link the website and the stupid computer keeps saying the link is broken, it never did that before I got this high falutin' system!)
Anyway, back to the point.
We enjoyed an evening of dancing and talking and playing. And listening to our little girl beginning to sound so grown up. Our efforts and hard work is beginning to pay off with teaching her to respect and use her manners. She is saying "please" and "thank you" nearly by habit now instead of us saying it and her repeating.

What ended up being the icing on the cake was later when we went to put her to bed. She was beginning to be a terror from being tired because it was past her bedtime. We scooped her up and began the ritual.
Put her in the bed, give her binky and brutus(a stuffed dog that a trucker gave her at the flying J, it's beginning to look well-loved.) and pushed the tummy on the glo-seahorse. We folded our hands and tried to convince our over-tired girl to do the same. Well, she was having none of it at the moment so we prayed without her participation.
After the prayer we explained to her that when we are talking to Jesus, or any other person for that matter, that other people should be quiet until they are done and then they can talk.
At the mention of Jesus name she perked up and said, "Jesus?". We said yes, and explained again about how we talk to Jesus and thank Him for dying for us on the cross so we could go to heaven. She then popped up and turned over and pulled her princess netting back and looked up at the bust of Jesus that we have in her room and said, "Jesus?". We told her yes that was a statue of Jesus. She looked again and sweetly looked and at him and said, "nigh,nigh, Jesus!". As tears welled up in my eyes from the joy this precious gift gives to us daily with her child innocence, she nestled down in her little bed as calm as a lake on a quiet mountain morning.
So far, I've heard no other words in my life that I can recall as precious as that.


angeljoy said...

Of COURSE kea was eating broccoli and green beans at 9 mos.--you, as a good mommy were feeding her such things. But....did she ASK for them?
(BTW-my squirt may have asked for it that night, but then it took her forty forevers to eat it.)

angeljoy said...

awww, that is precious!