Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday evening at church we had a guest speaker.
He gave a powerful message and it made me stop and think.
Many of us spend the day praying, and we go to church on Sunday, but the rest of the time we never pick up the Bible or study it. He used the analogy of a well-fed person. None of us like to skip meals. Few of us do unless it's an accident. As you look at Americans today you see so many of them obese. If you could open the door to look in on our spirit man how would he look? I am so guilty of not feeding my spirit what it needs. Yes, I go to church on Sundays. I do my devotions in the morning. I pray throughout the day. But, do I study Him? Do I seek and look to Him at each and every decision point of the day? Do I use my time wisely? How much T.V. or computer time to I take in comparison to how often I pick up my Bible and read or study it or even sit and just pray with no other distractions. I don't worship God throughout the week like I do on Sunday in service. And even then the distractions around me take my mind and eyes off Christ and receiving His directions. My daughter being a stinker, someone elses kid being a stinker. So, if I'm only trying to listen on Sunday and don't get anything because of those distractions, and I'm not giving Him much time or attention throughout the day at home how starved and waif-like must my spirit-man appear. No strength to fight a battle if it should arise. My spirit would barely be able to lift their arms to get the armor on!
So in addition to my 50 million pound challenge this year, I am attempting to feed and exercise my spirit man as well as my physical body.
I would challenge you to do the same. Even if you are spiritually healthy and your spirit man looks fit and a little overweight. Why not make him spiritually obese! It would be better for you this way than vice verse!

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angeljoy said...

You know, I heard a guy at church recently talk about reading the Bible everyday, because we don't rely on yesterday's food to nourish us today. You really brought it full circle. Good post.