Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"Today we are going crazy, you wanna come?"
That's from Jon and Kate plus 8. I keep hearing that phrase on the commercial advertising their show. I think it's appropriate for most families no matter who, what, where, or how you came from.

Today my tooth hurts really bad. There is no money to go get it pulled. Just like last time. I'm swishing with peroxide and mouthwash extra to see if that will help. It hurts bad. I took one of my vicodins last night around 2 a.m. and didn't even get through the short note I was writing Michael to tell him what I had to do so he would know what was going on if he couldn't wake me up the next day. I needed him to call my work and let them know what happened. When you are hurting badly enough you will do nearly anything to make it stop. Even if it means taking medicine you don't normally take.(yes, it was prescribed to me by my doctor) I don't like to take anything stronger than over the counter meds for this very reason I'm about to tell you.
I barely made it through writing the note to Mike before I was giggling. About what? Only heaven knows. And dizzy. Whew was I dizzy! I had eaten a few crackers but I'm guessing it wasn't enough to help absorb the meds. (And I had only taken half of the pill, I was too apprehensive about taking something that strong anyway to take the whole pill, I can only imagine what shape I would be in if I had taken a whole one) I was on a doctor prescribed high basically. For all of that trouble though the pain never went away, I just didn't care about it anymore and thought it was funny. I tried to go to bed and it only made the pain worse. I decided to go into the living room and sleep in the recliner and on my way I fell over onto the bed. I thought that was funny to and had Michael getting onto me because I was laughing so hard he was afraid I was going to wake the baby up. Needless to say, he helped me to the chair and I settled in for what I was praying would be some restful sleep. Nope. I slept restlessly for about an hour and ended up waking up at 5 am hurting worse than before and with my arms asleep.(at least some part of my body was getting some rest). I dozed from there until time to get ready for work. I somehow managed to get myself there and could hardly talk so my coworker told me to go home. I made tuna salad and wrapped some cookies and left. Mike left for work begging me not to take anymore of the "good" stuff. I of course wouldn't do that while I'm alone caring for my child. I don't like the feeling it gives me. I can't run the risk of my one and only getting hurt, or worse just so I can have pain relief. When she goes down for a nap I'll be able to put some ice on it and try and nap a little. My biggest problem today is the lack of sleep. I think I'm getitng used to the pain.
Anyway, gotta go put punkin to bed. Love to all from my groggy state of mind!

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