Monday, November 10, 2008


There are three of them.
Gray blobs moving effortlessly from one space to the next.
Opening and closing doors.
Leaving indentations on the beds and furniture.
Causing us to awake in the middle of the night with a heavy weight on our chests, feeling as if we are suffocating!
Rattling cabinet doors, moving the curtains, moving things across the floor.
Pulling the sheets from our bed while we sleep.
"Tickling" our feet, they've even left marks from their ire.

There are three of them, reeking havoc on our home.

They are our cats. Annabelle, Gizmo, and Juliette.
This thought struck me how much cats are like "ghostly" apparitions when I was standing in the bathroom putting cream on my face and my bathroom door opened. No one was there and I wasn't touching it. This has happened on more than one occasion causing me to pause and catch my breath sometimes. Only to realize it's one of my girls coming to grace me with her presence.

I love living with my "ghosts".

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