Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Copy cat

That's what I meant to say as I conversed with my sister this morning. I called her to wish her Happy Birthday because I wasn't able to get to a phone yesterday. (our mom had me running her around alllllllll day!)
We were discussing a humorous story about coffee cups and one of her friends brought her a new one for her birthday because the one she was using was a disgrace to the avid coffee drinker.
I was coveting my bosses coffee cup and expressing my desire to find one like it and told my sister, "I would go out and find one like it but I don't want to be a coffee cat!".

I'm still chuckling. I hope it made my sis's day!

Happy Birthday Sis! Hope you enjoyed your new "mug" from your friend and the chuckle from me.


angeljoy said...

I always enjoy our chuckles. I have a photo hubby took when we were in St. Pete once that caught us in one of those weak kneed giggles. I love it.

hepsmom said...

Hey, as the provider of the coffee cups (at least I think), I just had to say hey. And you should've seen the sad mug. I think it was rescued after being run over with the truck!