Monday, November 3, 2008

In touch with the real world again

Thanks to a wonderful anniversary present from my sister we are now again in touch with the real world! We have satellite again!
I wasn't missing it too much. I could find whatever I needed to know online through the internet. My husband on the other hand, he was going stir crazy. Especially on Monday and Friday nights. Not getting to watch WWE and RAW(wrestling) was reeking havoc in our home. He was miserable on those nights.

I cannot thank my sister enough! Thank you, thank you. He loves it! Well, he will love it. He hasn't gotten home yet so he doesn't know it's been installed. I can't wait to see him when he comes home and sees it on.

My daughter apparently missed having it as well. She ran to her room and got her pillow and blanket off her bed and through them up on the couch begging me to "hep". I had to arrange her so she could sit on the couch all cuddled in her blanket so she could watch "Orwa" (dora). She is definitely her fathers child.

Well, I'm going to go and wash and dry some clothes and finish up the dishes since I don't have to chase a 2 year old around now!

Love to all.


hepsmom said...

Wowsers! Happy anniversary. You'll find something to enjoy if you look around enough. BBC America usually has something good on. I'm sure you're a DIYer like your sis, too! Happy watching. Happy watching the watchers too!

angeljoy said...

you're welcome.You know when I come down I'm hunkering down for a HGTV marathon.
Fair warning, wrestling or no!