Thursday, April 24, 2008

What to say?

Everyone has them. Those days you sit down before your computer and your brain is so full you can't think much less write. Welcome me to one of those days! I feel I have something to say but I'm so overwhelmed by everything floating around in my head I can't seem to find a starting point.

We took Kea for a haircut today. I vaguely remembered a place I used to pass by several years ago that only took children and it was catered around kids. On a wing and a prayer we headed that way and what a blessing! It was still there. It's called COOL-CUTS the two o's in cool are the lenses for sunglasses on the head of a kid. The place is decorated in bold primary colors. To the right is a walled off area using a half wall which has a hug Thomas the train table with a track on it and train cars. That's the only thing I remember in that part because that was what my daughter was playing with. To the left of the door is the product wall with shampoos, conditioners, etc., especially for kids. As you pass the cash register to the left is a wall with low desks each one fitted with a play station for bored siblings or parents. Beyond that are red salon chairs and to the right across from the salon chairs are the toddler salon chairs. They are a toy fire engine body with a steering wheel on it and a toy taxi car complete with steering. Kea got to drive the fire engine. I think it's ingenious!! We had such a great time watching her get her hair cut. As we left the building we both realized we brought the video camera and didn't even bring it in the record the event!! GRRRR!

We also did a couple of boring things like join Sam's club and become members of the YMCA. I'm personally looking forward to the latter. I'm anxious to start feeling better about myself physically.

Oh! And we got lost in Brooksville! We took a wrong turn and before we knew it we were in Citrus county which is two counties north of ours! OOPS. But it was a nice drive.

Love to all and Goodnight.

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angeljoy said...

This, I assume, was her FIRST haircut?
Those sound like cool places!