Monday, April 28, 2008

Missed info

It has been brought to my attention by my sister/proof reader that I referred to a "zipper incident" in my post, "Busy day, this could take awhile". And yet never told the story of what it was. I do remember righting it though. (wonder where it went? Maybe the computer ate it?) At the lawyers office that day I spent nearly two hours with him going over the contents of my case and practiced answering questions. Upon leaving the office and stepping onto the elevator I checked my zipper(A habit I take seriously since a very "traumatic" zipper incident occurred to me on one of my first days working as a dispatcher in law enforcement) to find the whole time I had been in there it was down! Guess I need to exercise my habit of zipper checking prior to the event instead of on the way out. It also cracked me up because it made me think I must somehow be channeling my sister angeljoy. She had just written a post about an event she had to speak at and her zipper was down the whole time.

So, hopefully that clears it up.

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