Monday, April 28, 2008

First day at the gym!

My day started out well. I did the procrastinating bit. I should have gotten up and went straight to moms to take her to town. I didn't get to her home until 2. We made record time doing all of her running though. Within 30 minutes after picking her up we had everything on her list (out of about 7 things) done. Within the hour we had her back home.

So, we are off to the gym! Kea LOVED the nursery. She had a blast playing with the other kids once they began arriving. I then began the wait of meeting my "personal trainer". I was nervous. I'm not sure why.
She arrived and we got started. We went over my info sheet and goals. She said I really need cardio. I'm thinking, "I'm good with that." She introduced me to the machine she preferred me to use. She told me about the spinning class and that it burns 500 or 600 calories! "There ya go, that's what I'm talking about!" I have a feeling I'm gonna get my tater whooped though. So, I'm off to a different machine because the machine of choice is occupied. Just a stationary bike, no biggie. I did 12 min and burned 118 calories it said. Hey, I don't feel that's bad for a starter. I mean, think about it. I haven't exercised in quite along time. I am a blank canvas. Way out of shape. So, done with the bike now and moving on to an invite to my trainers Pilate's class. It's beginner, how hard can it be? Yea. Well, it wasn't easy. It was fun except it had a lot of floor work and my neck was killing me from lifting it constantly to try and keep up with what we were doing. A particularly silly pose was being performed in which you sit on your behind on the floor, place your hands under your knees(the knees are bent out in front of you) with your legs raised off the floor. And here we go, you roll down backward and roll up forward and at the forward roll you hold the position you started in for a breath. All was not going well as the downward roll is quite simple(as you see my fat rear falling backward with no problem) the rolling back up made me only realize two things clearly. One, you don't wear button/zipper jean shorts to work out in and two, I am seriously out of shape! Well, in all of that rolling I worked up some gas, and yes, it happened on that one roll as I was straining to get rolled forward to the holding pose it slipped. I fear I will now be known as the girl who (sorry if this offends) farted in Pilate's class on her first day. I'm thinking I may stick with the gym part. It's really noisy so if one flies it is less likely to be heard. I was already nervous and I tend to laugh uncontrollably when I'm nervous. I nearly lost it. I'm going back Wed. at 4. I've always heard when you fall of the horse or bike or whatever, you get back up and get right back on.

2 Timothy 2:15
Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won't be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple.

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angeljoy said...

I think I did this the other day while doing sit ups. Fortunately, no one was really near me. But I nearly died of embarrasment anyway. Tell them to crank up the music in that pilates class. Loud music hides a multitude of farts!