Monday, April 28, 2008

Another beautiful day!

I'm so excited and feeling quite luminous today. I got up, got dressed, hmmmm, I feel like I've done alot this morning! Oh yea, I remember. I got supper in the crock pot. Hmph. I still feel like I've done alot more than that. I know I've been constantly moving! Something is bound to result from that.

I'm looking forward to 4 p.m. I'm going for my first appointment with a personal trainer at the YMCA. I'm not sure what to expect.

Our two year old was so adorable last night. Her daddy came home and she crawled up on his chest and curled herself up in the tightest ball possible with her ear laying over his heart. It was so mushy it could have given cavities. I tried so hard to get a picture but she moved when I got up. That's one of those things that makes me smile and even tears well up in my eyes. It makes me think about how blessed I am to have a man who loves to have his baby close to him. I see some fathers who are too busy and don't really want the kids climbing all over them or even touching them. Not my man, he welcomes her attention quite readily.

Hope everyone's day is as blessed as mine!

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