Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where is my sweet little girl?


Over the past two weeks my 28 month old angel has grown horns and put them to use!
She screams over the littlest things happening. She pouts and crosses her arms over her chest and pulls away when you are trying to talk to her. She laughs at you when you try and discipline her. She runs from us when we try and put her to bed now. (formerly she would go and crawl into bed and say sweetly, "nigh, nigh").

I'm not sure what to do. Ignoring her doesn't work because she comes and gets in front of you and challenges you. Discipline doesn't seem to work, she just keeps doing what it is she isn't suppose to do.

I'm starting to think I might need "Nanny 911"!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

I'm going to get some glue and see about reassembling my hair I've pulled out.

1 comment:

angeljoy said...

Consistency! What did momma do when you did all this stuff? Do you spank em till they cry?