Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How can you better yourself with this?

Someone refuses to take gas money from you when you return their vehicle to them and you know it's sitting on empty. You explain to them that the truck is very, very low in gas and you offer two more times to give them money. Again, they refuse to take the money telling you that "it's o.k. we all take care of each other, don't worry about it." A week later you overhear them bad mouthing you to several other people because you gave them their vehicle back with no gas in it and they didn't know how they were going to get home and they were having to call a friend to give them a ride to work the next day! How do you use this situation to make yourself a better person?

You and a coworker are chatting and having a good time joking about the job you do. You leave for the day with a high spirit and happy heart because you've had a good time and you are counting your blessings for having such great co workers. You are approached the next day by the boss saying the co worker has told her you were complaining about doing your job and wanting to know why more people weren't doing one of the jobs you were hired to do to begin with and you really enjoy doing! What can you do to apply this in your life to make yourself better?


angeljoy said...

Mmmm. Challenging situations. Next time, take the car to the gas station and put gas in it yourself. Leave it up to God to handle people's dishonesty after you try to do the right thing.
Learn the lesson that you have to be careful what you say, even in jest. People use your words to their advantage or twist them to make you look like you said something you didn't. They do it in the media aaaalllll the time.

hepsmom said...

When borrowing vehicles, I find it best to go ahead and put the gas in for them. I always fill up the tank, regardless of how much of the gas I used. And believe me, I've borrowed many cars, trucks, jeeps, etc.! The person may have felt odd taking money. They HAVE to take gas that you have already put in the vehicle.

hepsmom said...

Also, I'm guessing the age of your coworkers is pretty young. That tattling is par for the course. Just keep your chin up. There are always going to be back-biters who try to pull you down. Just keep doing your job as happily as you can. And if you aren't happy, act as if you are! It's not easy, but it can work.