Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pan-fried biscuits

Yup, that's what I said.

I've discovered how to make biscuits without an oven. Our oven is broke right now and it will cost $350.00 to fix it. Or, buy a new oven. That's gonna be a pain in the rear.

I had bought two packages of frozen biscuits not thinking about the oven not working. We had our mouths all set for some biscuits and gravy. And we had friends over. We tried the oven and held our breath.

Nope. It wouldn't do. Still it would default and shut off.

So, we tried the microwave. Oh, it cooked them. They came out all soft and fluffy. By the time the gravy was finished we picked up the biscuits and they were as hard as hockey pucks!

This morning I took the last little bit of flour we had and made us up some bachelor bread. It's a simple recipe. Just self rising flour, milk, and a little bit of oil. Mix it up and cook it in the pan like a pancake. It comes out fluffy in the middle like a biscuit. It got me thinking. If that is like a biscuit couldn't we make biscuits in the pan? So, I set out to figure out how to make frozen biscuits in a fry pan.
It wasn't very difficult, it only took a couple of tries.
I defrosted them in the microwave just until they began to rise. Then, placed them in the pan and put a lid on them so the heat could be contained like it is in an oven. After a couple of minutes I turned them over and repeated. After my second try they turned out really well. Kind of like little fat mini bachelor breads. Some gravy poured over them and mmmm. It hit the spot!!!

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angeljoy said...

Great job at using what ya got!