Monday, October 13, 2008

When you leave it in God's hands

This is what happens.

We went to a Martina Mcbride concert and put gas in our truck, ate dinner at the concert, I built a scarecrow with our two year old daughter and watched her take a pony ride at the towns Scarecrow Festival. We bought a gallon of milk, diapers, sugar, butter, a few boxed dinners complete with the meat in them, three bags of frozen veggies, apples, cantaloupe and grapes,and some donuts (buy1 get1free). All of it with no money. Kind of.

I was amazed. When things look dismal and hopeless if you just trust God and truly leave the problem in His hands, He provides. And He even provides things we don't need, like the concert and the festival. God is so good. He knows when we are weary and need a break and an alone date with the hubby. He knows when we need some play time at a festival playing games and riding ponies with our child or children. He knows when you need diapers and milk and you have not a penny to your name. It comes in all forms. He sent ours via free tickets hubby won at work. He sent the gas and money for the festival from reminding Mike about all the change in a jar we had put away. He blessed us through people coming to us and giving from their hearts. We don't don't even know who one of the people were. Sunday morning the pastor came to us and put money in our hand and said that someone in the church gave this to him and told him to give it to us. It was $50.00! We were able to get diapers and some other food. God is so good!
It's so easy to Praise God when we are seeing the results of his Power. But when the times are rough and it doesn't seem like God is there, do we still want to Praise Him? Do we praise Him in the storm as well as in the calm? When Mike found out he was losing his job, and there didn't seem to be any jobs available in the area. When there is no money in the bank, no money in your pockets, and any money you may have coming in from your last paycheck is already allotted to cover a negative balance in the bank or other obligations. You just can't see how it's going to work. Do we praise He then? I have to confess, we didn't Praise Him exactly. We didn't doubt His goodness and abilities though. We evaluated the situation and said, "yup, this is way too big for us". We chose this time to exercise our faith in God. And God blessed us for it. Will we do it again? Do you trust Him enough to leave it in God's hands?

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