Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will it stop?

Over and over again this happens. Mike has a talk with his employers at the Dade City Ford dealership, and things go well for awhile. They treat him with respect and he works hard for them. Then it happens. They begin demanding higher expectations. They begin putting more and more work on him. 15-30 minutes before time for Mike to get off work they will bring a vehicle back that requires 2 or more hours of detailing and expect him to get it done in the next 15 minutes before he leaves. The same car they knew needed detailing earlier in the day and they could have brought it back before then and it would have been done and sitting there for them already. It's like they play mind games with him. Because he is so quiet and he doesn't respond to them when they are crawling all over him, they think he's stupid. Or ignorant. Or whatever they think. Poor guy, it hurts my heart to see him come home nearly every night looking haggard and downtrodden. He constantly feels he can't do anything right.
Even God doesn't put more on his children then they can handle. And the "bosses" at the dealership certainly are NOT gods last time I checked. They don't do his job and yet they expect him to comply to their demands simply because they are asking him to. They don't ever take the time to go back there and work with him to see what his job actually consists of. They sit in their air conditioned/heated offices and "oversee" the work with a critical and demanding eye. Never rewarding or giving out any positive encouragement to the detailers when a job is done well. They ALWAYS come up with something wrong with a newly detailed vehicle. Expecting miracles from some of the wrecks that come back there for Mike to clean. The worst of the worst. Mike has even found rats in vehicles they were so nasty! And yet, the salesman and managers bring them to Mike and he digs there beauty back up and revives the dead. Not once do these same people come back and say he did a good job. It's always, you could have done better. My opinion. They are all on a high testostorone trip and don't seem to be able to get back down to the real world. God complexes of the highest degree. Thinking just because they wear a button up shirt and tie then they are better than the lowly grease/dirt monkeys back there in the mudholes. I pray one day they will have to switch roles. I know one day these same men are going to find themselves gravelling for a job of any kind and end up working in some dirty, hot, detail department, with the cold wind and rain blowing in their faces as they try and wipe freezing water off of a newly washed vehicle with ice cold frozen fingers numb from the exposure of the cold. This will come. Maybe not soon, but it will come.

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angeljoy said...

Maybe Mike needs to draw some boundaries? Do the cars have to be finished that day? cant' he start them and then finish them the next day?